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Firefox 35 comes with a cross-browser video chat, improved App ecosystem and other improvements

Firefox Hello is one of Mozilla’s most exciting innovations. It is an implementation of the WebRTC API that allows easy browser-to-browser voice, video and p2p file sharing all without any additional plugins.

While the standard itself is not new and Firefox Hello has been floating around as an addon for the open-source browser, version 35 bundles it straight into the core of the application and makes it easily accessible.

Using it is dead simple and requires you to simply press the new Hello button on the task bar, hit start conversation and then share the link with the other party. No sign-in or registration is required, but if you opt-in Firefox Hello even allows you to create a contact list for convenience.

The beauty of the cross-platform WebRTC standard is that it is already implemented in a lot of modern browsers so chances are that most of your friends will be able to accept you invite and video-chat straight away. The list of eligible browses is a little fuzzy, but it most definitely includes recent version of Chrome and Opera for Desktop and Android. The iOS browser should also fair just fine with the functionality, but sadly Internet Explorer and Safari still lack native WebRTC, but plugins are available.

Besides Firefox Hello, Mozilla Firefox 35 also comes with an array of fixes and improvements. The new an Firefox Marketplace Beta is part of a new push towards richer app and game content straight inside the browser and Mozilla really seems to be working hard to catch up to Chrome on this department.

OS X users can also expect new goodies from Firefox 35, namely the included support for MP4 video. The centralized, unified sharing feature, called Firefox Share is also a lot more accessible in the latest browser version. It allows users to share links via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Gmail and more from a single pop-up.

So if you fancy Mozilla’s open source Firefox project now you have even more reasons to do so. Be sure to head on over to the update menu and report back with any interesting find you may have on the new and improved online experience.

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