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Facebook lets Parents organize the baby photos with new Scrapbook

New parents love checking the comments and number of Likes on the photos of their infants on Facebook. However, it is not easy to visit those comments when those photos are spread over different albums and at a different time frame.

That’s why Facebook is rolling out new Scrapbook feature for the parents to organize all the baby photos in one place. The Scrapbook can be a private album or available to friends.

Parents can set up a Scrapbook of their child and define the partners through the Facebook’s relationship status option. After that, Facebook will automatically offer photos to let them choose the ones featuring their child.

Beauty of the Scrapbook is that it will appear as a dedicated album and parents can simply tag a photo with a pre-defined tag to automatically add that image. Scrapbook is also helpful for those who wish to mute-out the baby images from appearing on their timeline everyday and just visit the dedicated Scrapbook at peace.

Facebook will introduce Scrapbook first in the US for web, iOS and Android platform.



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