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Facebook Home launcher won’t show Android notifications

Facebook Home Android launcher was announced yesterday and there are already enough people waiting to download it on their phones. HTC even announced the First smartphone which will come with the launcher as standard, replacing the company’s own Sense UI.

Well, Facebook Home surely sounds attractive for the social network addicts, but unless you are using HTC First, we have some bad news. Facebook Home app won’t show the Android notifications.

If you decide to replace your default Android launcher with Facebook Home, you will lose all Android notifications in favor of Facebook-only ones. As it turns out the Facebook launcher doesn’t play that nice with the Android OS and won’t handle the call, SMS/MMS, email, Google Play, events, app-related, etc. notifications. Bummer!

You will be able to access those of course, but you’ll need to close the launcher if you want to see what’s actually happening outside the social network.

This huge drawback applies only for the downloadable Facebook Home launcher. HTC has provided Facebook with an API for the Android notifications and they’ll all pop up on the HTC First.

Facebook has already confirmed this with its info page about the Facebook Home:

“All notifications are available on the HTC First. The free Home download includes Facebook notifications.”



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