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Dropbox app for Galaxy S III with 48GB of free space can now be installed on other devices

Get this one while its hot! The Dropbox app for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which offers 48GB of free cloud storage for all S III owners, has been ported for other devices.

This means that you’ll be able to install the dropbox apk from the S III on your device (if it’s rooted), and get some free cloud storage love.

You may recall how HTC had a similar deal for their One series phones, giving you a complimentary 25GB for two years with any new device purchase. Little did they expect that people would simply rip the apk file, and install it on their non-HTC phone to receive the free Dropbox space. While eventually the Dropbox folks managed to track down the false activations and remove their free storage, as of now they still haven’t done so with the Galaxy S III apk.

This time around, however, it’s a bit trickier to beat the system, as you’ll need to have a rooted device, and flash the apk with ClockorkMod recovery. Be sure to remove and previous version of Dropbox from your device beforehand, as well.

Obviously, this is not a legitimate way to gain free space, and Dropbox may construe this as a violation of their ToS. So, if you do decide to take the following steps, you’ve been warned.

While the original XDA thread has since been removed, you can find a cached copy here, and a duplicate thread here. There’s also a download hosted here.

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