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Check out Nexus 6 handling an hour in water like a champ

Motorola Nexus 6 is listed by its manufacturer as water-resistant, but doesn’t carry an official IP rating. A crafty YouTube user decided to put the credentials of Google’s flagship phablet to the test with rather surprising result.

As it turns out, Nexus 6 can handle full water submersion for an hour without breaking down. Check out a video of the exercise below.

It’s great to know that Nexus 6 can handle water dips like a champ. However, I wouldn’t advise you to try the activities in the video above.

Motorola has given the Droid Turbo the same treatment as the Nexus 6. The handset has internals with water-repellent nano coating, which allows it to (officially) spend up to a minute in six inches of water with no hiccups.



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