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Bing app for iPad gets an update, cool new Lasso search gesture brings its usability to a new level

There may not be many iPad users who have Bing as their search engine of choice right now, but this latest update to the Bing app might make quite a lot of people reconsider. The Microsoft search engine is yet to catch up with Google in terms of results accuracy, but it just leapfrogged its competitor in terms of usability on the Apple tablet.

So here’s the deal – from now on initiating a search with the Bing app for iPad is as simple as drawing a circle around the word(s) you want searched. There’s no need for holding, copying, pasting any more so the searches are also quite a lot faster. Here’s how that works on video.

The update is already available through the iPad App store, so you may get it right away and give it a try. Just don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments section, telling us how it went.


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