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Angry Birds Space releases tomorrow. Meet all the new birds first.

Rovio’s space themed Angry Birds Space marks the first real departure from their usual bird flinging action. I mean it’s still bird flinging, but this time it’s in space, which means the gravitational force in action here is a little different from the one you experience on Earth.

After a ton of promotion, including by NASA, the game is finally set to launch tomorrow, on March 22 on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. But before you download and start playing the game, here are some short videos to familiarize yourself with the updated birds that you will be playing with in this new game.

Angry Birds Space gives you six birds to play with. Now most of these birds are the same; they just look cooler. There’s your usual red bird, who still looks as useless as ever, the awesome black bird that explodes, the yellow one who increases his speed when you tap the screen (except he’s now purple and looks like Cyclops from X-Men), the blue bird that splits into three and the big red one who is green in this game. There is just one new bird, who turns stone structures into ice, which probably makes them easier to break by other birds. Other birds from older games, such as the white, green and the orange one aren’t present in this game, which is fine because they are mostly useless.

Anyway, enough talk. You can find the videos below along with the full new trailer at the bottom.



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