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Samsung is testing 2.4″ versions of the Gear S smartwatch

Smartwatches may be going the way of the phablet – the already-large Samsung Gear S may be getting an even bigger 2.4″ version. Import site Zauba reveals that units have been imported for testing, listing the new screen size along units of the current 2″ model.

It’s not entirely clear what else has changed between the two versions though.

There’s no screen resolution given or any other details besides “single-SIM” (which at least confirms the new one will keep the 3G connectivity). It doesn’t help that the new version still carries the SM-R750 model number with just a different letter suffix (A or P), which suggests little to no changes (letters usually signify different carriers or regions).

Also, the import price seems to be identical (except for the 2″ European version is pricier for some reason), though we imagine the bigger 2.4″ Gear S version could be slightly more expensive in retail.

The current model has a 2″ HVGA screen, is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, has 512MB of RAM, 4GB of built-ion storage and 300mAh battery. It runs the Samsung Tizen OS and can be completely independent of smartphones since it has its own 3G connection. The specs for the 2.4″ version will likely be similar.

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