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Foxconn to bring in 10,000 robots as iPhone 6 production ramps up

Foxconn, Apple’s primary Chinese manufacturer for its iPhone smartphones , is allegedly incorporating some 10,000 robots into its assembly line process in anticipation of heightened iPhone 6 production.

Foxconn is still currently in the final testing stages of the robots, which are each expected to produce 30,000 smartphones.

Each of the planned robots is set to cost between $20,000 – $25,000, and won’t be available to other manufacturers. It’s unknown how exactly they will impact the company’s current workforce, as despite the added bump in production, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou expects that the company will nevertheless have a hard time meeting demand.

Reports have it that Foxconn has recently hired as many as 100,000 new employees in anticipation for Apple’s next smartphone, a device that’s expected to be the first to utilize the efforts of the new “Foxbots.” Earlier the company made quite the PR blunder, confirming the two different models of Apple’s next flagship.

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