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Sony magnetic charging dock leaks, likely for upcoming Sirius flagship

Around this time last year, Sony enabled magnetic charging of its smart devices via pogo pins starting with its Xperia Z flagship.

Charging dock solutions have since been outed for several Sony smartphones since, with a newly leaked model, the DK36, being poised to serve an as-yet unannounced Xperia flagship.

The dock has been revealed by way of a leaked user guide that shows off the general usability of the device. While nothing particularly exciting can be said about the DK36 itself, what is interesting is what smartphone it’s poised to hold.

The current theory is that DK30-33 are for Xperia Z Ultra, Z1, Z1 Compact and the new Z Ultra WiFi, respectively, while DK34 and DK35 are expected to be made for the unannounced Sony D6603 and D6503 smartphones, speculated to make an appearance at MWC next month.

That leaves DK36, which is also speculated for an upcoming Sony flagship. The Sony Xperia Z2 is the most likely candidate, which is also poised for an MWC 2014 announcement. Be sure to check back with us in February for all of the MWC 2014 goodness – it’s just over a month away now!

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