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Silicon Power releases the world’s first 128 GB 400x CF card

After we saw the mcroSDHC standard reaching its theoretical maximum last week it now came turn for the CF to fulfill its potential. Silicon Power released a 128GB 400x card that promises the amazing 90 MB/s read and write speeds, which is basically as fast as they get.

So if you hate how fast the new DSLR video mode consumes free space, this is certainly a happy day. And with a write speed like that you won’t have to worry about your buffer filling up either.

Technically the CF standard could offer even 137 GB cards but we doubt any manufacturer will bother for that last 9 GB so we suspect this is as good as it gets on this front. And with no standard coming up to extend it (like the SDHC and SDXC did for the original SD cards) we suspect it’s only a matter of time (years, I guess) until CF perishes.

Right now the great speeds and the large capacities it offers makes it feel comfortable in the professional and prosumer cameras but SD is catching up quickly, and it is always good when you memory card takes less space.



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