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Nokia’s *Calling All Innovators* contest lets developers win up to 400 000 US dollars

It’s no secret that the Ovi store is losing the application count battle big time but Nokia are doing everything they can to fix that. This year’s “Calling All Innovators” developer’s contest will give away almost 400 000 US dollars in cash prizes to the best applications.

There’s no entry fee and all you need to do is go to the contest web site, fill in your contact details and start submitting those apps. There are four entry categories and there will be prizes for the top three apps in each of them.

- Eco/Being Green
- Entertainment
- Life Improvement
- Productivity

The winner gets 30 000 US dollars, the runner-up 15 000 dollars, while the author of the third-placed app will go home with 5 000 bucks. Additionally there is a bunch of special prizes including stuff such as the best applications for N900, the best app based on Qt cross-platform framework and the best mobile computing app. Each of the winners of these special prizes gets 50 000 US dollars.

The final major prize will be for the best locally relevant application with global potential: 15 000 dollars.

There are also several special prizes for best new utilities developed using Qt.

And finally, several countries have their own prizes for the best locally relevant application with varying prize fund. The countries include Belgium, Netherlands, Pakistan, Hungary, Australia, Hong-Kong, Russia, Vietnam, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Canada and China.

In case the prizes are tempting enough for you, visit the contest official web site for more information.


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