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New XPERIA Play ads get creepier and creepier, even iPhone isn’t safe anymore

Sony Ericsson is hard at work with the XPERIA Play media campaign. You can really tell it’s very important for Sony Ericsson to sell the life out of this device.

The latest slew of ads feature this lunatic woman (in real life american actress Kristen Schaal, who’s actually not insane or possessed ), which absolutely looses it in front of the camera, delivering satanic messages and plain old craziness.

In one of them even the iPhone 4 gets “Pwned” and its owner stabbed in all sorts of places by the XPERIA Play-yielding player. The iPhone 4 proves absolutely useless against the advanced gaming controls of the XPERIA Play.

While we’re not so sure this is the real deal, we’ll just have to wait for it to arrive in our office so that we can give it a spin. Heck, we’ll even let the XPERIA Play loose on the iPhone 4 and check out the results.

Anyway here are the rest of the videos for you to… um, enjoy, we guess!



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