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New LG Blade P430 and P530 laptops – thin bezels, slim displays

LG has just announced their new Blade series laptops, which both feature extremely thin bezels, displays and bodies and a cool, brushed metallic casing.

The P430 and P530 both offer Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 Sandy Bridge processor options, Windows 7 inside, metal casings and 1366×768 resolution displays. The bezel around both screens is just 10 mm thin, while the displays use LG’s Super Slim LED LCD technology and are just 4.5 mm thick.

The smaller of the pack – the P430 has a 14”screen with LED backlighting a full-sized 6-cell battery inside and it’s only 27.8 mm thick. All this goodness is encased in a metallic case with a brushed finish. Despite this the weight is pretty reasonable at 1.94kg.

The P430 and P530 specs

The P530 adds 1.6 inches to the display (that’s 15.6”) and a slight increase in the profile is now 28.1 mm. What’s most impressive about it though is the weight – 2.20kg is among the lightest offerings in the class.

Both blade laptops have 1.3 MP front-facing cameras and Wi-Fi DLNA technology.

The P430 will be available at the end of May, while the P530 roll-out will start in June. There’s no information about the pricing of either laptop, though.



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