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Love is in the air as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope get their special Valentine’s Day editions

I thought we’d have to wait for Valentine’s Day to come in order to get the special update filled with love for Angry Birds. Luckily, I was wrong and here it is, now available in the app market near you.

The new Valentine’s Day edition is part of an update for Angry Birds Seasons and consists of 15 brand new pig-bashing levels. For iOS users it’ll cost the traditional $0.99 and as for the Android community – it’s free (ad-sponsored, actually).

The update has Facebook integration. You get three bonus levels at the modest price of pressing the “thumbs up” button on the special Angry Birds Facebook page. You can also share special Angry Birds Valentine’s Day cards to show your friends some love.

Another great game that I love – Cut the Rope – is also getting a Valentine’s Day update, in the form of some free levels. It’s still yet to pop in the App Store, but I bet the release isn’t going to take long. I just hope those will actually be some challenging levels unlike the teasing easy-as-pie free Christmas edition.

P.S. You can bet they are. Check out this cutesy looking game trailer:

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