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HTC Desire pays us a visit, AMOLED and HTC Sense is what you’ve been looking for

Our HTC Legend review is still warm, but here comes another anticipated Droid – the Desire. Its advantages over the Legend include an AMOLED screen half inch bigger, a snappier Snapdragon CPU and more RAM.

In case you are wondering what good that does bring in real life, check out the couple of videos that we have prepared for you.

Before we show you how snappy and colorful the latest Sense UI is, let’s see what’s hiding in the Desire’s tiny box.

And now comes the time for our tour inside the HTC Sense UI. The 3.7-inches AMOLED screen makes it even prettier than usual and something you will definitely desire…as I do.

Our full in-depth review is cooking right now and you should see it by the end of the week on the GSMArena front page.


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