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How to fry an egg: buy an Apple MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i7 inside…

Intel Core i7 CPUs are fast. But they might also turn your computer into a stove due to the generated heat. Apparently the Core-i7-equipped MacBook Pros (like the rest of the unibody MacBooks), which rely only on their metal casings to keep them from overheating (they’re like giant heatsinks), allow the temperature of the CPU reach a 100 degrees Celsius.

While testing a 17-inch MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i7-620M inside, the guys from PC Authority couldn’t help but notice that the unibody enclosure of the thing got hotter and hotter until the moment when its processor temperature reached more than 100 degrees Celsius. Now just imagine touching the aluminum shell at that point – Ouch!

So obviously Apple would have to go for a new design if they want to keep using those Core i7 CPUs.



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