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Here’s a crafty fake video of the iPhone 5 – still a great rumor roundup

We came across a really good fake video of the Apple Germany website, detailing the iPhone 5. Someone really gave their all when creating this one. It details everything from the new design, the new dual-core A5 chip, better 8 MP camera with FullHD video recording and the bigger display.

The video is obviously fake – you can bet your good money on that fact and I’ve prepared the proof that’s needed. Still it’s pretty well made and makes for a good rumor roundup so checking it out is worth it.

We have the bigger display with the thin bezel (4″ with a 960×640 resolution), the 8 MP snapper with 1080p video capture, the slimmer body and redesign (quoted to be 6mm at its slimmest point).

Here’s the video itself. It wouldn’t be too great a surprise if this one turns out to be pretty close to the real thing come the next-gen iPhone announcement by Apple. As a matter of fact, I’d love that to be the case as the mockup is really sweet looking.

Now there are some gaps, but that was to be expected, given the size of the project. For example at one point the display is quoted at being a 4-incher and a couple of slides later it becomes a 4.2″. And Grosserer is obviously a typo as it roughly translates as “bigerer” in English. But the real give-away is right there in front of you in the beginning of the video. Check out the following picture.

Thanks, Jay!


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