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Broken Sword: Director’s Cut lands on the iPhone

One of the best quest/adventures ever made – the first Broken Sword – made its way to the iPhone. It even has some additional content giving you 20% more gameplay time.

Revolution Software are already selling Broken Sword: Director’s Cut through the AppStore for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s a good 350 MB download and costs 4 pounds.

The mobile version is based on the Nintendo DS game, but packs new cutscenes as well as some extra game content.

Broken Sword for iPhone is a remake of the original PC game. It will surely bring back memories for the experienced gamers, while the younger ones will enjoy an excellent thrilling adventure, which is really hard to find today.

If you love quest, mysteries, murders and adventures, with a pinch of really beautiful graphics and art, you better head straight to the AppStore and get it.


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