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Be aware of a new Android malware – DroidKungFu can take full control of your phone

It’s no secret Android OS has some malware problems, but Google is trying its best to keep us away from them. Despite Google removed lots of malware infected apps from the Market, there is a new threat coming.

DroidKungFu malware affects devices with 2.2 Froyo or less Android version and allows the hackers to take full control of your smartphone.

So the guys can steal all of your data, do some serious damage or make your droid gadget serve as a bot in a botnet attacks. Pretty nasty, right?

The vulnerability exploited by the DroidKungFu is closed in Gingerbread, so you are almost safe there. Almost – because it is possible for the malware to steal some data.

The droids running on Froyo or earlier Android version seems to be affected by two or more DroidKungFu apps, but none of them is from the Android Market. The current versions of anti-virus apps don’t detect this malware, but you can bet they are on the problem already and will release an update soon.



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