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Apple iPhone 4G – lost, found and dearly wanted back

It seems Gizmodo managed to contact Gray Powell – the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype. Well, in short – Apple wants their lost baby back. But Mr. Powell also shed some light on the matter how the iPhone prototype found its way out in the hands of the press.

Here is the short version of a long adventure.

Gray Powell is an Apple engineer, who took his iPhone 4G prototype along for a night out. The prototype was cleverly disguised as an older generation device. He had a couple of beers and left the bar without the Apple gem.

On the next morning one of the guys that found it in the bar discovered that this iPhone is nothing he has ever seen before.

At that point Apple could have still recovered the prototype as the guy played it fair and called many Apple phones, but no one believed its story.

The rest of the stuff is already well-documented – the iPhone 4G or whatever it’s called went public and almost every detail about it went online.

The end of this story came when Gizmodo contacted Gray Powell – they offered him his prototype back.

Gray Powell: Hello?
John Herrman: Is this Gray?
G: Yeah.
J: Hi, this is John Herrman from
G: Hey!
J: You work at Apple, right?
G: Um, I mean I can’t really talk too much right now.
J: I understand. We have a device, and we think that maybe you misplaced it at a bar, and we would like to give it back.
G: Yeah, I forwarded your email [asking him if it was his iPhone], someone should be contacting you.
J: OK.
G: Can I send this phone number along?
J: [Contact information]

According to California law if you lost something and someone found it, you have three years to claim it back as its owner. Obviously it’s not enough that Gizmodo offered the device back voluntarily. Apple’s legal department HAD to claim it back themselves. Here’s their letter:

Seems like those guys won’t take No as an answer.



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