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Apple iPad up goes on preorder, let’s see how it does

You might have noticed earlier today that the Apple Store website was down again. And as it usually happens after it went back up again a new product was available for order.

Now my editor doesn’t allow me to open the discussion of why Apple alone in the world needs to take down their whole company website to announce the availability of a new product so I’ll just give you the good news.

The Apple iPad is now available on pre-order and if you really, really want to be among the first ones to have it, you might wanna order it right now.
Your shiny tablet will be at your porch on April 3 (or April 5 if Saturday delivery isn’t an option in your area). There is a limit of two per customer.

If two are enough for you, head for the Apple Store to preorder one. Or, you know, don’t… Picking up a Flash-less tablet with no proper OS for the price of two basic netbooks definitely calls for a reconsideration.


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