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A few leaked webOS 3.0 screenshots give us a glimpse of what’s coming this summer

In case you haven’t heard HP is preparing to launch a webOS-based tablet called TouchPad this summer. It will run on the tablet-optimized webOS 3.0 that nobody has seen. Up until now.

Today five screenshots taken from a webOS 3.0 emulator escaped into the wild for our viewing pleasure.

The shots give us a glimpse into the browser, messaging, maps and music apps plus the dock icons and notification area.

As you can see all the apps use a minimalistic and intuitive interface. The Web (the browser app) has been renamed to Browser. There you can also see the new virtual QWERTY keyboard, which has a dedicated number row and a Next key to ease your interaction with various page elements (such as text fields).

The maps and messaging apps

HP replaced Google with Bing maps within the Maps application and added map scale info.

The notification area and the music player

The notification area now occupies just the upper right corner, while the Dock seems to be intact.

One more thing – the new music player seems awfully familiar. iPad anyone?

The webOS 3.0 seems promising and so does the TouchPad. We’ll know more this summer. The webOS should also be available on HP PCs and laptops later this year.



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