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11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air given the teardown treatment, DIY repairs not recommended

There is a tradition going that when a hot piece of hardware is released the guys from ifixit tear it down and show whatever secrets lie inside. And there was just no way the 11.6” MacBook Air would avoid this as it is certainly one of the sweetest devices of the season.

The ultra-portable walked away with a repairability rating of 4 (out of 10), which suggests that you better not try to fix this at home. Apple hinted at that by using a custom-designed 5-point Security Torx to attach the back cover.

But even if you do manage to get inside, you won’t be able to replace almost anything as most of the hardware is proprietary. So you either need to get them directly from Apple or you’ll have to perform some serious rigging to change anything.

If your enthusiasm for taking your MacBook Air apart hasn’t cooled down yet, you can follow the source link for instructions.



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